60th Independence: Apostle Mtswenem, Other Clergymen Celebrate Journalists

Featured Image: L-R; Apostle Mtswenem, Emmanuel Gaza, Prophet Atrogo & Prophet Zuana

General Overseer of Lordship of Christ Family Ministry Makurdi, Apostle Mtswenem Tor David today led other men of God to Radio Benue and Harvest Nigeria FM Makurdi to identify with Journalists in the newsroom department in the spirit of the Diamond jubilee celebration of Nigeria’s Independence.
 Prophet Zuana Saviour Bemdoo, General Overseer of Kingdom Fruitful Vineyard Ministry Makurdi and Prophet Benjamin Atrogor John of Glorious Gospel of Christ Ministries Achussa-Makurdi were the other Servants of God on the entourage who celebrated Journalists.
Coordinator of the group, Apostle Mtswenem Tor David explained that their visit to the two radio stations was to appreciate and celebrate Journalists all over the world for their role in spreading the Gospel. He said that people don’t pay courtesy visit on Journalists and they don’t regard them, hence their decision to honour them.
“We want the narrative to be changed. Today, we have opened doors so that people can continue to come on courtesy visit to celebrate Journalists.
“Journalists are the Lamp of the World and the Watchdog of the society. So, the Watchdog needs to be appreciated. Journalists need to rewarded accordingly because what is good for Goose is good for the Gander”, Mtswenem stated.
The man of God appreciated the Authorities in Benue state for being media friendly. He acknowledged that there has been freedom of journalism in the state as its practitioners are not harassed, jailed or brutalized like in other places.
He commended Radio Benue and Harvest FM for constantly airing
Religious programmes such as morning devotion, afternoon and evening prayers, unbiased coverage and reportage of Sunday services across denominations for people of the state. He also appreciated them for the privileges they have been giving men of God to preach the Gospel and encouraged them to sustain it and also to support the Government.
Prophet Saviour Zuana who conducted prayers at the two radio stations after reading the scripture from Genesis 1:1-3, 8:5, Luke 1:25 and Mark 16:25 admonished Journalists and Nigerians at large to pray continuously until God answers their prayers. He gave reference to the Bible where God answered Noah on the 10th month and he expressed hope that the same God will answer Nigeria on this 10th month which is October.
Prophet Zuana advised Christians not to use their mouth to destroy the country which their forefathers created, but they should rather pray for peace and positive change. He noted that the problem of Nigeria was decreasing, bad leadership and corruption were decreasing and Nigeria will soon become a better country to be desired by people from other nations.
The Prophet appreciated Journalists for keeping the public abreast of events in the society especially their enlightenment on Covid-19 which helped Benue state to record few cases of the virus.
Prophet Zuana
In his remark, Prophet Atrogor urged Journalists and Christians alike to pray for peace rather than complain about issues, saying peace is the only thing that keep people together.
“What are you saying about Nigeria? If you give Nigeria a bad name, that is what you will receive.
“If we continue to pray, Nigeria will become better off”, Atrogor advised.
Prophet Atrogo
Responding, Mrs Nancy Orshi of Radio Benue thanked the men of God and described them as the three wise men who trailed the blaze for others to emulate their gesture. She said it was the first time the people they have been serving in a way of Religion had deemed it fit to appreciate and celebrate them even as they have been on air every Sunday promoting Christianity by way of preaching.
Mrs Orshi prayed God to replenish their pockets and open doors for them.
Nancy Orshi
At Harvest Nigeria Fm, the Clergymen paid homage to the General Manager, Mr Akange Nyagba who welcomed and appreciated them for sparing time to visit his staff to celebrate them.
Responding after a brief speech and prayer by the visiting team, Head of News department, Mr Emmanuel Gwaza assured the men of God of a sustained partnership and promised that the station will be airing their Sunday messages free of charge.
He appreciated the Sevants of God for celebrating people of the pen profession. He said that having been a Journalist, Apostle Mtswenem had a full background knowledge of what Journalists do to uplift the society.
“This is a period Nigeria is celebrating 60th Independence anniversary and heroes are being appreciated. Unfortunately, Journalists are hardly mentioned.
“If you trace the history of Nigeria’s Independence, you will discover that if not for Journalists, I am sure it wouldn’t have been possible by the time it was”, Gwaza said.
He commended Apostle Mtswenem’s creativity, saying he was the first person to introduce a programme on Harvest FM which no other preacher had ever thought of, so he will move from strength to strength.
Highlights of the visit to the two places were scriptural reading, prayers, group photograph and donation of water by the men of God to the Journalists to serve as a covenant for partnership.

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