Bencut’s Organic Fertilizers Most Suitable For Nigerian Soil Structure, CEO, Engr Benson Says

Bencut produces all brands of compound fertilizers without using Sulphuric acids that cause complications to the soil.

The Executive Director, Technical and Operations, Bencut Chemicals and Fertilizers Ventures Limited, Engr Terser Benson ( an Agric Engineer) made this know to newsmen yesterday in his office, in Makurdi the Benue state Capital.
He said part from the production of fertilizers, Bencut is also into the Fabrication and Installation of fertilizer plants as well as Consultancy Services and their operations are not limited to Benue state.
Engr Benson explained that Bencut fertilizer is the best because it is 45% organic and the company puts in mind the structure of the Nigerian soil and then produce appropriate fertilizers for the soil. But the foreign imported fertilizers  are produced with the frame mind of the structure of their soil which is different from the Nigerian soil structure and so the imported fertilizer is not friendly to Nigerian soil.
“The efficacy of our fertilizer is 100% and farmers are enjoying it”, Benson assured.
The CEO, Bencut revealed that his dream to establish the company started when he took a Specialty Course in Fabrication and Installation of Fertilizer Plants in Israel as an Agric Engineering student. Upon completion of the Course, he was supposed to be retained in Israel, but he decided to come back to Nigeria because according to him, he was most needed here. He said he started in Kaduna state as an Assistant Production Manager with Afric Mining and Afric Fertilizers. Then he moved to Quartz Fertilizers in Biu, Borno state as Production Manager and later moved to Gboko in Benue state as an Executive Director Zavinta Fertilizers and now at Bencut which is located on plot 10-12 Beach Road, along Marine Police station, off Old Bridge Road Makurdi, Benue state. He has been in the business for 23 years now.
Engr Benson disclosed that their services are not limited to Benue state. He said, “as I speak with you, they are loading two trucks of Fertilizer to Taraba state today. Taraba state paid for seven trucks and as soon as we finish loading for them, we will load for Kogi state From Kogi, we will also move to Cross River State to supply there and Borno state is also talking with us for supply”.
Asked whether he has been enjoying any collaboration with the Government, Engr Benson said there was no collaboration from the government, but he was satisfied with the enabling environment created for Bencut to thrive, as Government Parastatals like the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Gboko, Buruku, Katsina-Ala and Logo branches have been patronizing them and they are not affected by taxes from the Board of Internal Revenue Services (BIRS)
 “We supply them to pay in 2-3 instalments”.
He assured that despite the huge demand for Bencut Fertilizers, there  will be no shortage of the products for their customers because as fabricators, Bencut produces Fertilizers and they have the capacity to produce enough for there numerous customers.
“Our plant produces 15 tones which is 300 bags output.
” When we install plants for people, they don’t need to go abroad for maintenance. The only thing they have to maintain once in a while is just the belt.
“We have the best dryers that make wonderful products coming out very dry”, Benson said.
As part of their Consultancy Services, Bencut has been sensitizing farmers on the type of Fertilizers to use on particular soil structures. They follow people to their farms especially those with big farms to see the reaction of the crops to the fertilizer and when there is challenge, they tell the farmers why there are such challenges.
” My advice to the farmers is that they should apply enough “Fertilizers on their crops to get the desired result. Fertilizer is expensive but use it well. Farmers should not spread Fertilizers in the yam farms, they should dig holes by the side of the heaps and put it inside,” Benson advised.
He said sensitization to farmers on the right Fertilizers to use makes the product cheaper farmers as they know the suitable fertilizer to apply on their crops.
” If you use the right fertilizer, the following year you can farm there applying fertilizer and you will get better yield because there is no complications in that soil,” Engr Benson explained”, he said.
In terms of empowerment/job creation, Engr Benson said the Company has employed more than 40 staff working in the facility and they train them in the areas of fertilizer production, fabrication and installation of fertilizer plants and they support them and they are doing very fine.
Bencut also gives percentage to those who bring customers to buy the products according to the MD/CEO.
He advised the youths to be patient, focused and consistent in whatever they do noting that the beginning is not always easy
He said his company has some challenges even as they are operating smoothly. One of the challenges according to him is that people are still used to the imported fertilizers which were used 40 years ago and so they complain that Bencut fertilizer is sandy.
Another challenge he pointed out was inadequate power supply which causes them to use their plant most times and it makes the cost of production very high.
Bencut produces all compound fertilizers such as 20-10-10, 15-15  27-13-13 apart from Urea according to the CEO
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