Benin: PRESIDENTIAL 2021 The opposition engages despite the obstacles


The opposition engages despite the obstacles.

While the previous elections under Patrice Talon’s regime have gone largely without opposition challengers, the opposite could happen in the days ahead.

In view of the next elections “The Democrats”, an opposition political party has been created in Benin and is the work of personalities who oppose the regime which governs Benin country until 2021. Always with the same aim, the Constitutionalist Joël Aïvo has been increasing his outings for weeks in order to expand his popularity. We should not also forget the return to the fold of former candidate Daniel Edah. These are all warning signs of a probable representation of the political opposition in the electoral contests of 2021 to face the candidates of the presidential movement.

But how could this be possible when we know that the electoral code in force in Benin requires the candidate for the presidential election to have at least 16 sponsorships of deputies and or mayors while the quorum of this mass of elected officials is acquired by the presidential movement?

The day after the filing of the constitution files of their new (opposition) political formation, “The Democrats”, the guest of the “Afrique Matin” program on Wednesday August 12, 2020 on Radio France Internationale (RFI) , Eric Houndété, former vice-president of the National Assembly of Benin and current president of the said party (The Democrats) made up mainly of former members of the Forces Cauris pour un Bénin Emergeant (FCBE), gives his position on the question:
“… It is about asking the government to see that this is an unfair provision. This is a provision that does not promote an inclusive election. The whole country cannot be excluded. With MPs who have been appointed by the Head of State, Mayors who have been appointed by the Head of State, what can we expect? That President Talon be the sole candidate. And that is not possible “.
As a result, during an interview by videoconference with Beninese in the diaspora, Thursday, August 13, 2020, the potential candidate Joël Aïvo reassures: “We will use all constitutional resources to unlock the sponsorship”.

Can the supporters of these opposition leaders trust such statements in a climate where the efforts of political opponents of power to participate in the elections have for the most part been in vain? Is there a glimmer of hope?

The coming days will tell us more …

Edouard GNANSOUNOU – Guillaume FADÉÏ

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