Divine Calling: Bobo Graduates Fourteen, Ordains Nine Priests


The Provost Christ Global Bible and College Seminary Makurdi, Rev. Moses Iorhemba Bobo PhD last Saturday graduated first set of the institution and ordained some of them who willingly submitted themselves for the sacrament. The ceremony took place at Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church Makurdi, Benue state.

Out of the fourteen students graduated as Bachelors of Arts in Theology after receiving one-year intensive teaching, nine were ordained priests into the offices of Prophets, Apostles and Pastors.

Dr Bobo told TheSKY Newspaper in an interview that the remaining five graduates were not ordained because they were yet to get the divine calling hence their decision to decline ordination.

“Some of them were still praying because they were not really called to serve as Gospel ministers. You have to be called and you have to have a conviction that you are called to be a minister,” he explained.

The provost further clarified that, “the ordination is interdenominational, ministers of the Gospel from different churches, different doctrines all appeared here because we are not a church, the Christ Global network is not a church, it is an interdenominational Gospel Ministry raising ministers”.

Earlier in an address during the Convocation ceremony, the provost charged the Graduands to go out and preach with truth and holiness, pray ceaselessly, study the Bible at all times and be always prepared without blemishes so that their ways will be right with God as all eyes will be on them. He added that “they should not allow anyone look down on their youthful age but exhibit the true character and quality of the Gospel Ministry. They should live a life worthy of emulation thereby keeping the bond of unity and living by the standard of the Gospel”.

One of the ordained men of God, Prophet Saviour Bemdoo Zuana stated in an interview that he discovered his divine calling and that was why he received training to serve in the vineyard of God.

“I went to the school of Ministry and then ministers of God began to prophesy that I am a Prophet. So, after my school of Ministry, I began to pastor one church to the other. Then later I found myself into Christ Global College and Seminary as a Theologian and at the end of the course, I was ordained a Prophet.

“They said I was a Prophet because I was interpreting dreams for people and doing Prophetic activities. So now I have answered the calling of God”, Zuana narrated.

He thanked the Provost, Dr Moses Bobo for establishing the institution in Benue state to train ministers of Gospel.

The graduates included Tivkaa Thaddeus Terser, Joseph Yahemba, Cornelius Adoji, Ernest Fater, Saviour Zuana, Terzungwe Fishim, Christian Ukeagbu, Sumbiri Ogilizibe, Matthew Kile, Abraham Udam, Danjuma Danlami, Francis Iorlumun, Saviour Jinga and Moses Choko.

The ordained priests were Christian Okeagbu as Apostle, Zuana Saviour Bemdoo as prophet, Mathew Kile as pastor, Moses Choko as pastor, Thaddeus Tivkaa as Apostle, Abraham Udam as Evangelist, Terzugwe Fishim as Prophet, Francis Iorlumun as pastor and Saviour Jinga as Apostle.

The students’ Representative, Kile Matthew urged his fellow graduates and the ordained ministers to be courageous noting that the work will not be smooth but endurance will help them to prosper.

Christ Global Bible College & Seminary Makurdi is approved and registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria (RC: 3171592) as an affiliate of World Christian Ministries Association (USA) El-Elyon International Bible College and Seminary, Karu, Nigeria.

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