Gbenga Adewale

The Nigeria government has been urged to practice the right and acceptable democracy by weaving from distorting the truth and put the coopable killers of youth to book.

The National Secretary for the Youth Rights Campaign(YRC)Comrade Nwapa Francis made this known on wednesday during the Press Conference held at the Ogba International press centre,that the protesters of the endsars would not support the antics of government and the cover up of state sponsored killings during the airing protests.

He expressed that the police,members of the reformed Sars and the military and those who gave the orders of the killings should be brought to book so as to safe the country and the Nigeria youths and future. While he said the youths are not inexperienced to note that government could come up with false news to cover up the Lekki Toll gate killings and violent repression of october 20,2020 as a lot of the family of victims would not act as if nothing has happened.

Nwapa advised the government not to bring tribal coloration to their antics because it is known that every Yoruba,Igbo and Hausa men go through the same challenges through experiencing the issue of bad roads,unemployment and inadequate of medical healthcare in the system.

He appealed that government should ensure that it begins a good safety measure to protect the citizenry in this democratic society as the Socialist wing of the youths set to lay out their demands and recall up endsars protest.

Nwapa sympathised with the journalists who were slained during thr protest and urged the youths to stand out for the liberation of Nigeria and deliver it from the looters,and which the President Buhari government wants to turn the system into dictatorship.

Comrade Hassan Taiwo called on Nigerians to join hands in the preaching of the good governance and prevent the government from putting their struggle of the peaceful endsars protest under the carpet.

He said the state government is trying to create its Endsars protest; because he heard that an Association of genuine Endsars protests organized recently in Abuja and there was never something of such in the struggle as it is known ever that they had no leader. He said.

Comrades Ajani Rasheed called on th e lagos State government to look into the police in Lagos for a perfect training and redress in their way of false allegations recorded recently when they raided in some areas in Lagos over burning of property hoodlums fishing out,investigation carried out revealed that innocent person who was caught at ikorodu was falsely alleged to be caught at igbosere and charged to court for burning property which was absolutely unfair that even a so called government sponsored hoodlum Adigun osa who attacked the protesters at Alausa also needed to be fished out. He said.

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