EVOLUTION OF THE PONZI PYRAMID: Benin would be plunged into new forms of the “ICC and others affair”

Benin would be plunged into new forms of the “ICC and others affair”
Return of investments on recruiting referrals. This is the mode of action of the many companies that use the system set up by the famous crook Charles Ponzi to enrich themselves without regard to the suffering of the victims.

Excessive percentages are simulated and mirrored with the corollary of arousing the customer. A purely fraudulent arrangement but which obviously works as long as the company continues to register members. The chain breaks and the bubble bursts when the latest arrivals begin to get counted. The investors for the most part become despoiled and the winners remain the protagonists of the economic mafia.
This system, which caused several damages in the world, largely contributed to the fall in the economic growth of Benin following its collapse in 2010.
Nevertheless, they are still numerous, these structures claiming among others of China; from America ; from Japan, which only operate on the basis of recruiting referrals …
The situation should not leave the authorities indifferent when we still remember the victims and damage caused by the phenomenon known as “ICC service .”
It is therefore urgent that emergency measures be implemented to close all these organizations which only profit from the misery of the poor.


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