Fwdr Thomas PRO NAGAFF PTML Received Philanthropist Award

Jenny At Large Media Concept and it’s team, publisher Sky Link Newspaper, Jennifer Nwosu, recognized the PRO NAGAFF PTML Fwdr Thomas Chukwuka Alor as Best Philanthropist Excellent Citizenship award in Marine sector.

Fwdr Thomas Chukwuka Alor comes from Umuawuru in Anambra State, he had his SSCE in Christ the King school Stella Maris College, he had his National Diploma in Rives state polytechnic Bori, he further acquire B.Sc in Redeemer University.

After research made by Sky Link Newspaper, we discovered that Fwdr Thomas has made an immense contributions in Marine Sector and humanity.

According to the publisher Sky Link Newspaper, Nwosu Jennifer, said that the award bestowed Fwdr Thomas was awarded for its role in helping NAGAFF PTML develop there operations in Nigeria by using a model hinged on sustainable goals, encouraging other Marine sector corporate climate change conscious business entities across the country.

Receiving the Philanthropist award, Fwdr Thomas assured that Marine sector will continue to further his good work, I am particularly inspired by this recognition, as it vindicates I will approach to running our organization and indeed.

The award was giving to him in his office, the award ceremony which was pushed back to coincide with the Sky Link Newspaper award event coming up soon.

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