Gbenga Adewale

The Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology has promised to give Nigeria Students world standard training in Agricultural science on the right way to package,process food without poison.

The Former Deputy Vice Chancellor of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Nwudike and Incoming President for Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Prof. Madu Nwe disclosed this during the 44th Conference & AGM Lagos 2020 Summit held recently one week long at D Podium Ikeja Lagos,that the group mission was to ensure it carries all Students from ND levels,Bachelor’s to PHD along in the trainings of the Food Chemistry and Biology.

The new President Madu expressed that Nigerians needed to engage in the areas of preserving our food crops that the problems we have in Nigeria is that we are not preserving our crops like our forefathers did it appropriately and the reason why Nigeria Agriculture has lacked its strength it deserves was because Nigeria has played down on Agricultural processing.

The new Vice President of the group,Dr. Bola Osinowo said in his address that Nigeria government needs to assign a regulatory body that would ensure they visit Rice manufacturing company that would produce the quality of our choices and achieve good food security that is better than the imported ones.

He stated that Nigeria as a country would grow enough food after which importation of food has been ban if we are very serious about it,that we can still feed ourselves with Rice because while the Rice importation is banned we still eat more rice in Nigeria. He advised also that to achieve the best of our Rice producers,we need to give them sometimes to perfect their production because the idea of importing everything in Nigeria is wrong.

Member of Food Science and Technology from Kano,Mr. Sulaimon Isiaka gave an insight on how the group enlightened their students in any of their gathering since he joined them and rated the year 2020 conference excellently well despite the pandemic. He described himself as one of the students activists in the college of Food Science and Technology.

He advised the organisers to remain committed to do it well and lead by example and avoid negative response of members to discourage them from their focus. He said this conference is enough to make a history.

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