Health Tips: Benefits of Bitter Kola


Bitter Kola also known as  Garcinia Kola is a plant found in central or western Africa  that has long been valued  for its  medical properties.  Traditional  African  uses all Parts of the Bitter Kola plant for medicine, while the seed also are commonly eaten.

Health  Benefits 


Infections:-  Bitter Kola  has been used over the years to fight Infections like Cough, Bacterial  infections  etc. Eating    it when an infection starts may help fight the infection…

­ ­Diabetes:- A chemical called Kolaviton which is found in Bitter Kola, can help protect against  Hypoglycemia in people with Type 2 Diabetes

Bitter Kola can also repel Snakes: Just spread it around  your environment for Snakes prevention…

It also help to combat  Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) due to the antibacterial,  detoxification and cleansing properties


Nutritional  Facts 

Bitter Kola  is high in the following Nutrients:

– Vitamins: Bitter Kola is rich in Vitamin A,C,E,B1,B2 and B3

– Calcium

– Potassium

– Iron

– Caffeine

– Fiber….

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