Chief Superintendent of Police James Chu, the Divisinal Police officer in charge of Morogbo Division, Lagos state. He has worked in six divisions in the state and has achieved a lot security wise.

CSP Chu in a recent interview with Sky Newspaper in Lagos revealed the secrets behind his success story in curbing crime to the barest minimum in the area. He has clamped down on Cultists, armed robbers kidnappers and other men of the underworld. The Police working environment has been restructured to give it a facelift and intelligence gathering has been improved through rapport with the host community.

The Chief Superintendent spoke on his work background, efforts and achievements:

“My name is CSP James Chu. I have been around Lagos and this is about my sixth division in Lagos and I have worked in other divisions in Lagos. I have also served in Maiduguri, Adamawa, kogi, Port Harcourt and other states before I was transferred back to lagos, I have been in so many states, mostly those states with harsh situations and environment.

“I came into police as the inspector and I grew to this post as the CSP now sixth plus, I was transferred to morogbo division on 15th of may 2019, I saw that the environment here was entirely more or less the rural environment and you know every environment you go, every station you go has a peculiar nature and the mood of work and applications of what you are supposed to do are entirely different. You deal with the place in line with it’s peculiar nature. Of course you know one of the positions of the force and the country to our General, the Inspector General of police, IGP, Adamu, he has made it clear that the positions of the country towards police and the business of police line is basically based on committing policy strategies. Ofcourse, before that approval by the federal government we were protocol of this patterns in lagos and other places we have worked.

When I got here, I saw that it was an interrogating situation both the human and natural resources were not anything to write home about, but we need to put experience in place, we need to put act in place and ensure that we bring policing to the door step of every member of morogbo community and the only way we did that was to ensure that we first build our internal structure that’s the police men we have here and the material resources that we have to work with here, so we have to embark on serious orientation, orientation of the men and re-address their minds from all of the vices that will bring blemish to the system and of course the country at large.

In doing that we ensure all the statues that were supposed to work that is confine between which we were supposed to work and operate was maintained and we were geared towards ensuring that our policing here is based on intelligence, communty policing, it’s entirely based on a system that only appeared within cooperation of members of the public,” Chu submitted.

He continued;

“Now, considering the colonial sides of this division is just between Agbara down to Ilogbo, I have bounds with Ogun state, I have bounds with Badagry and so on and so forth and very large one indeed the responsibility. So, we embarked on community policing strategy by going on power hall meetings in all of the various communities that we have. So far, I have gone to over 23 communities, within a period of six months before the covid pandemic came to held us.

So, we have done all of these meetings, town hall meetings, strong partnership, and symbotic situations with all of these communities and talking about attendance, we have over 500 and 600 persons in attendance so mostly with young girls, young boys, primary schools, children , teachers, people from all pairs of life, house wives, markets women, unions, Baales, traditional leaders, Christians, Muslims, associations, private individuals, and major stake holders. Everyone is an identity and we were able to put all those things together and form a proper situation, a solid interdependent one.

“So that is what is keeping us now. We were able to achieve all of that within that period and we had strong connection to everything that was happening between the police and members of the community and that was our common focus, interest and the business of policing became part of them and the business of the community. They knew exactly what to do. The intelligence gathering was smooth.

“There is a new order now. All information must come to me and they can come in any time either two three four p.m or a.m they are free any time. My lines are evenly distributed in all of these communities, I shared the lines, published them and I gave it out to each of these communities. Now, I think I am one of the most accessible police in lagos, very accessible and we have an open door policy if you have any complaint against police or whatever, you need to call me and it will be dealt with immediately. We don’t prolong issues.

“Another thing that gave us the opportunity to hold on strong and achieve what we have achieved is compromising. We Don’t compromise, in respective of personality, positions in the community, do not compromise on issues if you have questions to answer, i will answer them immediately. And the matters will be dealt with most professionally. So, that is how we are able to put ourselves in order.

“We are ready to work and ensure that we satisfy the local government of the community. The local govt gave us view to ensure that what we want to do is done diligently. We also ensure that members of the republic are fully satisfied with whatever we are doing”, Chu made his intention known.

Speaking further, the CSP disclosed more strategies that made his success possible and the achievements he has recorded so far:

“When we talk about experience, commitment and passion for the job I have them all. Our environment was not a working environment, so we had to restructure them very well, this place was so bad, from the entrance up to the inside of the station, everywhere was water logged, you can see what we have achieved. There was no toilet before I came, we built a water system toilet to each office, we are sand filling all the holes where the water comes from, other lakes, streams. The building extension too was not there before, I had to make it a guest house for DPO use, I don’t want to stay in hotels, I practically live here, in the station. We have administrative officers, we have to prepare an office for him that he would stay and so on and so forth
“We have a new hall now, and we are using it for our lectures and conferences, we have proper fielding of the environment, you can see we are in good shape now.
We make sure that we are also part of the policing system. We have made a lot of achievements.

“All the cultists then in this place have reduced even the command knows about it, you can’t hear of motorcycle robbers on the road.
We took care of all that, that’s why we are having this peace and quietness all over the community. There is no form of threat again. “Our dressing code is different, Wednesdays, Tuesdays black uniform then Thursdays is blue on black, Fridays we have Camouflage”, CSP James Insu stated.

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