Nigeria Is A Case Of Monkey Dey Work Baboon Dey Chop, The Calamities Of Politicizing Nigerian Challenge

By Patrick Okolie-Ujomu.


The state of a Nation is judged by the state and well being of the masses, the poor, wretched, youths, struggling women, lacking the social ammenities of life and that good governance can offer, it’s not the well being of the elites or political leaders” the amount they’ ve stuffed in their foreign and local accounts.

The Nigerian is a case of “monkey dey work, baboon they chop,” they have turned the Nigerian people helpless as they are to objects of ridicule, brought every 4 years to queue and vote for personalities imposed on them, whether they performed credibly in the last for years or not, the determinant of leadership and those in power does not rest in the hands of the elites and super rich of the society “the political Leaders/slave masters, enslaving their people under the ambience of democracy and politicing.

Does the people really have a say in the Nigerian democratic process, or are they just doing “follow follow” like the afro beat maestro, fela Anikulapo-kuti rightly said, have we come to the point of following without reason, Every 4 years they come out raise campaigns and through peanuts, packs of rice, garri and beans, some go ahead to share loaves of bread has Nigerians become a dog , even if we are dogs the modern dogs sleeps in the masters bedroom, does the Nigeria people not deserve more , Are the gods of our land asleep , when will the gods of our land be awakened the Nigerian state is becoming extremely too pathetic.

The fourth republic has been the opposite of what democracy should bring, we are at the crescendo and our democracy is under trial. At a point when an elected governor from Bauchi state, is asking requesting the use the use of Ak-47 as a means of self defense for herders, herding is a trade that has existed for over a millenium, do we have to keep doing things the same way? Year after year. Are we setting with the past or should we be building new technological block as a means of advancememt? The standards for genuine leadership is being tested.

What are the standards of modern democratic leadership? As we approach 2023 another year for elections, the standards for who becomes governor’s of our various state, legislators, both federal and state, local government chairmen and councillors our political parties must understand that they are nearing extinction lack of performance has thrived over the years, Every political platform must allow the people to have a say in the political process, the primaries should not be hijacked by the God-fathers, the rich and strong men of the party, if the strong and rich hijack their parties, where do u leave the poor and weak? We have come a long way but the dividends of democracy is very far from. our people, living in starvation, poverty and a high level of unemployed young personnel’s and de-humanisation . Democracy and politics are not the problem but the corrupt and criminal personnel’s we call Leaders.

It’s high time and a few individuals cannot hold down our general happiness, it’s high time Nigerian stood and become responsible for their lives, happiness and collective destiny by becoming deeply involved in the politics and democratic process.

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