NUZAMSS Crisis Board Constituted Committees To Review Their Constitution

Abdulkarim Umar Kaura

The Zamfara state scholarship board has followed closely and with great caution the recent series of events unfolding in the aftermath of the recently concluded NUZAMSS national election convention held at the Zamfara State College of arts and science Guaau 15th and 17th December 2020

Following the series of petition and counter petition, subsequent conduct and resolved of the judicial council purported dissolution of the judicial council and subsequent swearing in of the winners declared at the end of the election held on 17th December 2020

The Zamfara state scholarship board under the leadership of hournarable special advise on scholarship matters Alhaji Lukuman B Majidadi has received several calls urging the board for intervene in the matter to restore the order in the association.

The statement signed by the director students affairs Alhaji Tukur Aliyu Ruwan Dorowa said the purported restraining court injection obtained by the one of the parties

He said the office of the hournarable special adviser can’t be regarded as an onlooker or passive participant in the affairs of students and particularly students unions in Zamfara state which is one of our primary responsibilities.

According to him they have never found it necessary or appreciate to lord it over the students in order to give them a free hand to learn the ropes of leadership under closer supervision which neccesitated the unbiased supervisory or advisory.

The board under the leadership of hournarable special advise on scholarship matters Alhaji Lukuman B Majidadi considered the long term implication of some obvious constitutional loopholes identified in the NUZAMSS constitution 2012,

The hournarable special advise has approved the formation of a strategic committee to review within the shortest time the NUZAMSS constitution in order to remedy in the long term confusion brought by conflicting section of the documents membership and terms of reference well be announced in due course.

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