According to the P.R.O Alaba Int’l Amagalmated Traders Association, also The Executive Chairman of Seriki Muhktar Allied Traders Association & A.P.C Zonal Co – ordinator in Ojo said they are formally 3 unions in Alaba Int’l Market which are as follows; Seriki Muhktar Allied Traders Association, Electronic dealers association and Ifelodun Traders Association, now 15 Sections with Excos headed by Executive Chairman because of their unity they have achieved and grow rapidly. Hon. Muhammed Buba made the Press to know that Alaba Int’l Market is not only known for big and popular market but a functional market with structure, with their styles of Leadership everything is going on well and their Traders are Co operating. He said as the PRO, he makes sure he pass out every necessary informations through the media. Speaking with the Press, he said they have 15 council of sections with Executives which they have their own Public Relation Officers platform where they share ideas, common interest and strategies on developing Alaba Int’l Market. The Executive Chairman Seriki Muhktar Allied Traders Association made the Press to know their challenges like bad road, Security, Petty Traders selling by the road side, which is making the road congested and at the same time causing traffic along Alaba Int’l Market and Ojo igbede road, also mention about the abandoned drainage at the bridge opposite Abuja Plaza that which is causing flooding during the rainy season. He then implores the State Government and Local Government to do something fast about the mentioned problems facing them in the Market. Hon Muhammed Buba noted that the revenue Government are generating from Alaba Int’l Market can’t be over look, both the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government revenue are being paid prompt at when due.

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