People Are Afraid To Give Security Officials Information About Terrorism

In a brief interview with Shehu Muhammed Goma Goma the national coordinator miyatti Allah Zamfara State revealed to Muhammed Usman, reasons why People are afraid to give security officials information about terrorism

What is the major causes of insecurity in Nigeria?

The major causes of insecurity in Nigeria is that anything that happened, like crises or bombing they can’t call security, many people have police and soilders phone numbers but they can’t call before the terrorism take place because they can’t direct the security officers to the terrorists hideout if they do the terrorists will come after you, because the security officers will tell them that you are the person who gave them information.


What can you say about information?


It’s good for everybody to get security numbers also call at the right time.
I have made mention that people are afraid. Why are people afraid sir?
They are afraid because they think if they call they police they will be the suspect and arrested, look at insecurity in Nigeria lot of people are saying that the cause of insecurity is because there no money, poverty every where, the rate of unemployment is very high. Let us look at the issue of headmen’s and farmers clash. Now the headmen’s and farmers we know most of them have money. Why always clash
The headmen’s and farmers clash happen because of they don’t understand each other. This is what happening in a situation where by someone will send teenager to rare two hundred cows instead of using an adult you know the cows accept command Fulani have signal if you want cow to stay. And in other hand someone will plant cattle on road, when Fulani pass through the farm with cows, the cows will destroy will the plant this cause big fracas between herdsmen and farmers.

You’re one of the miyyati allahs leaders which way are you using to enlighten your people to avoid this herdmen and farmers crises?

The problem is that we have more than one President of Fulani, if we are under one president he will control us but we have two presidents and we have three major forest like in kaduna, we have one in zamfara, in Ilori we have one. Only Ilori forest is enough for Nigerian cattle headers, because there is water, if the government can do this to Fulani the Fulani’s should remain inside the forest its good for government to provided a place for cattle to have access to water in the three forests.

Finally what advice would you give to the leaders in the area of security?

I call on the leaders of zamfara state in particular to live in peace with each other and to cooperate with the security forces. Zamfara state is our town. We have nowhere else to go,
God bless Nigeria God bless Zamfara State.

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