Sarkin Ruwa Makurdi Solicits Govt Support, Urges Muslims to Observe Covid-19 Protocol During Sallah

Alh. Suleiman Saidu, Sarkin Ruwa Makurdi has called on the Government to assist his workers with the equipment needed for water operations.

Alh. Saidu who spoke with newsmen at his residence in Makurdi, the Benue state Capital particularly requested for engine boats, life jackets, fishing hooks and nets.
Speaking further, the Sarkin Ruwa said the working relationship with his subjects was cordial and they obey him any time he calls on them to do something even at night.
He disclosed that the position of Sarkin Ruwa Makurdi has been in existence for more than hundred years. According to Chief Saidu his great grand father was the first occupant of the seat and he, Saidu is the next of kin of the fifth Emir and the throne is hereditary. He explained that whenever the Sarkin Ruwa dies, his son, the next of kin succeeds him but the son must be competent.
Asked whether the National Inland Water Authority was disturbing them for taxes, and whether he could prevail on the Authorities  to stop multiple taxation against Sand Dealers Association in Makurdi, Sarki said, their work deals with the traditional issues concerning water and fishing while the Inland Water Authority is an Agency of Government and so he could not interfere with their work.
As the Sarkin Ruwa who oversees the traditional affairs in the water, he was asked whether there are Crocodiles or Hippopotamus in River Benue that consume victims of boat mishap, Saidu confirmed the presence of the animals but said whenever they see a crocodile or Hippopotamus coming towards them, they divert. But he did not say precisely whether the animals consume people when boats capsize.
As Sallah approaches, Sarki advised Muslims to abide by the NCDC Covid-19 safety measures such as wearing of facemasks, use of hand sanitizers, maintenance of social distance even in the mosques.
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