SUPERIOR STUDY IN BENIN : More than a stake

While university studies were done without great difficulty, recent years provide information on the risk to which students are subjected, especially when they decide to continue their higher education in a university faculty.
Faculty, it has been said, to allow all social strata, even the most disadvantaged, to have access to the great place of knowledge. But there is no doubt that in recent years, several fees have been instituted by university authorities.

Fees to which the student must subscribe at the risk of being surprised by the invalidation of his academic year.
In addition, social services have in reality deserted the university premises because the quality of the reforms carried out does not inspire anything social.

The worst of all misfortunes lies in the validation of the study year.

Indeed, very few do, but with great difficulty. The various complaints from students give reason to reflect on the quality of the work done in faculty: grades badly reported, grades not reported …
In this atmosphere, the student is banned from all demonstrations at the risk of suffering reprisals from the authorities.
Worst of all, he can be thrown in jail or receive a fatal bullet without the authorities giving him a concern. The case of poor student Théophile Dieudonné Djaho who succumbed to the bullet of the Republican police speaks volumes.
All this for what purpose?
If the question does not seem to concern the authorities in a context where several licensees from previous years are still lagging behind looking for something to make ends meet, it is urgent that the young bachelor asks himself the question of whether he is obliged to go to university to make a living.

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