S’W Congress: Oyo PDP Chieftain Slams Makinde Over Choice of Arapaja

— Says Arapaja is not qualified for the position of National Vice Chairman of the party

— Gives numerous reasons

“Taofeek Arapaja was a wrong choice for Oyo state governor’s faction. Arapaja who recently rejoined the PDP had defected to three political parties within the spate of six years that he left PDP. He decamped to Accord party in 2014, to APC in 2017 and later to ADC.”

“Makinde singlehandedly chose a returnee who has not spent at least a year in the party to contest for a position. He is trying to turn PDP into his private organization where he can make self-decision without documented guiding principles.”

“If governor Makinde had studied the PDP constitution very well, he wouldn’t have chosen ambassador Arapaja as his faction’s zonal Chairmanship candidate. Arapaja is not yet qualified to hold a position in PDP.”

“Even welcoming him at the Mapo rally was not effective for him to say that he had joined PDP officially. According to section 8a and b of the party Constitution (2017 as amended), it stated that ( 😎 A person who desires to rejoin the party after leaving it shall : (a) Apply to his Ward Secretary for re-admission; and (b) Unless given waiver by the National Working Committee, be placed on probation for not less than one year.”

“If governor Makinde had consulted experienced party leaders, they would have suggested to him that, Arapaja from his own federal constituency Northeast, Southeast should be out of reasoning. Politics is about getting equal chances and opportunities. It is not proper to have a governor, senator, zonal chairman in the same federal constituency and if he had thought of that, that means he sees his federal constituency as superior and no party members with rich profile from other constituencies.”

”Imagine we have three senatorial districts in Oyo state, Oyo South, Oyo Central and Oyo North, how reasonable is it to centre all juicy positions only in Oyo south? What is the fate of other party members from other senatorial districts of the state?

“I am sure if we allow governor Makinde to have his way, he plans to get the party structure so he can use it to disgrace the party at the southwest level anytime he decided to leave the party.”

” It is a plan, he wants to install his political followers to get the party structure and begins to decide at his own will, because should in case he wants to move out of the PDP tomorrow, his installed zonal chairman and exco will easily move with him, I am saying this because Arapaja is always opened to defection.”

“It was an agreement with Governor Makinde that Eddy Olafeso should return as Zonal Chairman, it was an agreement; I didn’t know what made gov. Makinde to make a u-turn from such agreement and he never explains to us why, but I and other leaders from Oyo state had vowed to honour the gentleman agreement till the end.”


— Bisi Olopoeyan, Oyo PDP Chieftain

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