What you need to know about Nigeria to Niger Republic Rail project

HOPEFULLY, this will help some brains in bondage of ignorance, despite their education and lack of education

Nigeria can never borrow to fund any rail project in another country. The lender will not approve such a loan. Nigeria has no right of way in Niger.
There’s a bilateral agreement dating back 2015 between Nigeria and Niger to build the K2M rail…KANO-KATSINA-MARADI RAIL
MARADI is a region, not just a city like ABA. The region is painted red in the attached picture.
As can be seen in this picture, the MARADI region shares a land border with Katsina state.
5. Katsina state end of the Maradi region is where the K2M RAIL ends for Nigeria. Niger Republic will later take it from there, by borrowing from France or World Bank.

Poverty becomes difficult to eliminate, anywhere ignorance is this high

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